Lisons un peu !

Trouvons qui a écrit au sujet de The Travelling Hands et où le groupe peut être vu en cliquant sur nos articles de presse ci-dessous. Les articles dans cette section sont en anglais.

Interviewed by Pearl and Pear

We were recently interviewed by the lovely team at Pearl & Pear to give a closer insight into life inside The Travelling Hands and offer some secrets from behind the scenes. View the full article...

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Recommended by Rock My Wedding

We are proud to be featured in and recommended by one of UK's best and most well known wedding blogs and directories - of course we're talking about the brilliant Rock My Wedding. View the band on Rock My Wedding via this link:...

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Performing for The Collection Events

The band were delighted to recently be invited to perform at The Collection Events Launch Party in BFI's brilliant venue Stephen Street Kitchen. These roaming musicians performed their strolling sets to guests throughout the venue, created a dancefloor, and if you...

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